Let The Nighttime Live

by Please Exist

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All songs written & performed by Please Exist.

Recorded by Bryan Kwasnik at Blue Comet Recording Studios, Oak Ridge NJ. www.facebook.com/BlueCometRecording
Mixed & mastered by Kevin Carafa, Portland Oregon. KevinCarafa.com

Band photo by Marissa Gulywasz.

Disc photo by Beth Fisher.

Illustrations, design & layout by John T. Fisher.



released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Please Exist Rockaway, New Jersey

PLEASE EXIST is a heavy indie power duo based out of NJ. It is comprised of two characters who have a long musical history with one another: Ralph Chudley and John Fisher. Together they intend to rock your face off whoever you are and wherever you.


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Track Name: Let The Nighttime Live
Something is awakening in me, glowing with a curious energy.
The daytime dies and something beckons me.
Something is awakening in me.

I just want to sleep away the days.
You can keep the sun all locked away.
My dreams on fire, they keep me up.
You can keep the sun, you can keep the day.

Twilight playground
Ghosts on the merry-go-round
Take me with you.

Take me to the other side.
Take me to where you will hide.

Just wake me up when the sun goes down.
Abandon me in abandoned towns.
Just leave me here forever.
I've had enough of the waking world.
Just wake me up when the sun goes down.

Just keep on, keep driving.
Much further, into the black.
Be the beacon, make shadows.
Nocturnal, insomniac.

I'm searching, still searching,
for secrets, under moonlight.
Highway lines, they pass by.
Now it's pitch black, wave goodbye.

The nighttime has it's own secret song
and I'll be up till dawn singing along.

surrender, surrender
forever, forever

Witches stir their steaming cauldrons.
Werewolves dodging silver bullets.
Vampires wait for an invitation.
Restless spirits look for a place to rest.

Let the nighttime live.
Track Name: Martyrdom
I stand in line, waiting patiently to
get left behind.
The only way through the gate is to burn alive,
drench myself in gasoline and close my eyes,
waiting patiently to die.

Abandoned hearts rot like fruit on the
13th floor of your castle.
I'm drinking my own blood with your
eyes casting iron on me.

Don't let me live. Don't let me live for us.
Just let me give. Just let me give for us.
Turn to stone. I rust. To the bone.
Pierce the skin.
Bleed me dry.
Suck me dry.
It's time to die.
It's time to die.

I just want to melt in your sunshine.
I just want to drown in your red wine.
Track Name: Christina Kills
Your kiss is poisonous, it leaves stings in my mouth.
Your skin tastes like blood and sugar.
Your malicious smile sheds some light on the underneath.

You leave a scent of murder for all the suicidals.
Like bread crumbs leading to your traps of a sinner's bliss.
You magnetize my eyes for all your sparkling endeavors.

One wink from her wide eyes is all it takes for me to die.
The lust, the lure, oh
Christina Kills

Our love is a death poem in C-sharp.

You build a faulty bridge for all my good intentions.
And when I see your killing heels taping rapidly,
inches from my eyes, it's time to die.

Set me on fire.
Gore my heart with your barbed wire.
I know it's worth it in the end.

Gag in the mouth and glue in the eyes.
You pointed your hand like a gun.
You've got me where you want me.
Hooked and lost, nailed to a cross.

You're lightning, lighting up the dark in a flash.
Electric. You make me spark.
Forget the dark. I want more.
But slam shut your big scary iron door.

Why must I fall in love with faces staring at the lens?
That form an illusion of help in need of help from me.

Stain the shag carpet wit your lipstick spit.
When you reached into my chest,
you painted your nails a blood red.
Track Name: Nocturnal Butterflies
It never ends.
The clocks tick loud as guns.
I fade away.
I've gone astray.

There's a wire crossed deep down
with no spark, I shut down.

a prison
to rot in

Sleep so precious but overlooked.
Cling to life, the ground I stood.
Desperate to pull me from what lies
in wait, a loveless mate, a comatose state.

I have dreams that burn for miles.
The blood connects in the tiles.
I'm waking up, I'm waking up.
This is all for you.

Just erase me with everything else.
I'm the monster with everything lost.
I'm the monster.

No matter how hard I try I just can't get this right.
I'm a disgusting, daytime slumbering creature of the night.
Time comes and so begins the feeding.
I'm an it, I'm a thing, for us, I sing.

In the quiet hours they will take me.
Track Name: What If When We Leave This Place Comes To Life
What if when we leave this place comes to life?
Voices in the dark cut the silence like a knife.
Drawn to the glow in the middle of the night.
What if when we leave this place comes to life?

Who needs a compass?
We have each other.
Let's just get lost and stay that way forever.

Let's just stay lost.
Let's just stay gone.
Don't be afraid of the dark anymore.
Explore the unknown with the flashlights on.

These are not follower's footprints.
These are our own, they lead away from home.
Let's get swallowed up by the forest.
Armed with a distant death I have courage

Whoever your god is,
whoever your monster is,
don't stop searching or stop believing.
Forget the truth and keep dream weaving.

What is this life without the mysteries,
that are haunting us and our histories?