Let The Daytime Die EP

by Please Exist

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released March 15, 2013

All songs written and preformed by Please Exist.
Ralph - Guitar & Vocals
John - Drums & Backing Vocals
Guest backing Vocals on Let The Daytime Die by Marissa Gulywasz
This EP was recorded by Bryan Kwasnik February 2013.
It was mixed and mastered by Kevin Karafa.



all rights reserved


Please Exist Rockaway, New Jersey

PLEASE EXIST is a heavy indie power duo based out of NJ. It is comprised of two characters who have a long musical history with one another: Ralph Chudley and John Fisher. Together they intend to rock your face off whoever you are and wherever you.


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Track Name: The Eve of All Endings
Smile cause the eve of all endings is standing on our doorstep
Die because to live through this tragedy would be tragic in itself
And I'll bleed for someone else but not me
Fight because even though we can't win to give in would be a sin
And as I drove by all the daises went up in flames
And as I breathe the air I choke on the ash of the end of days
These playgrounds in ghost towns
Harness hatred like its energy
And it builds up and builds strong
Then unleaases its vengeance song
But we won't listen to it anyway
And we'll turn our back on lost souls
This is something that they will write about
And carve into our tombstones
Grim reaper can you dance
That sweet dance of the damned
When you take us by the hand
The red sun shine turns our eyes to black
We shed our skin and let the dark in
She's the leader and the keeper of the creatures that we hide
ourselves from
Track Name: The Reds With the X
I'd like to take this time to criticize myself
All communications have gone straight to hell
The state I'm in, the state of emergency
I wanna take what's left of myself
And up and disappear
By the time you wake up
You would never know I was here
Who gave you the right to revive the dead
Somethings are better left done and left said
The state I'm in of tranquil urgency

I'm a tough tug boat but I'm bleeding
I'm a tough human but I'm sinking
Maybe I should disengage and let the flow in

I will swallow the reds with the x
No more love, drugs, and sex
I will rule the haunted night
When this prescription makes you die
Track Name: Let The Daytime Die
You sleep away the daylight
And at night your cold blood begins to boil
And your pale face, reflects off the damp streets just like the moonlight
And your fangs begin to hurt
It's time to give in to the creature that you know is in you

Your eyes reflect the moonlight
I'm shaking uncontrollably in this moment of life and death
She's stalking me I know this
Because the nighttime is my best friend
Her shadow meshes with mine
I will give into the creature I know is in me
The sun crept in and turned my true love to ash
Before my very eyes
Sink your fangs into me
Infect my veins with your immortality

She pulled away slowly with my blood still dripping from her lips
Your tears reflect the twilight
I'm shaking uncontrollably
In this moment of life and death with you
Let the daytime die
We will dance in the shadows
We will feed under twilight
And let the darkness be our disguise
Track Name: I Would Haunt You
In the quiet of the night
My lack of heartbeat is deafening
Waking again
Phantom phone calls keep you up
Between life and death I am stuck
Pretty wispy wings of light
Going bump in the night
All for you
Scary, foggy mystery
I am erased history
Reaching for you
I would haunt you
I would haunt you
I still try to materliaze
A dead past right before your eyes
Don't be scared
For a second I brush your hair
You know it's me standing there
But the silence is deafening
*Repeat pre-chorus and chorus*
I drag these chains in your name
My halo is rusted but it's still hanging
My angel wings are attached to my back with razor wires
I drag these chains in your name